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Healthy Eating Tips

80% full and satisfied

It is a good rule of thumb to eat until you are 80% full and satisfied versus 110% full and stuffed. Pay attention to your fullness factor. When you are satisfied, leave the rest. Throw the rest away or put it away as a leftover. [...]

Fun Nutrition Facts

Fun Nutrition Fact 007

Did you know……. Mangos, apricots and peaches – contain high levels of beta-carotene which helps to reduce risk of cancer and heart disease and maintenance of good vision[...]


Good Nutrition - eat until you are 80% full

If your mother told you “eat your vegetables” now is the time to really listen to her and if you have already been listening then she deserves a big “thank you” . More good news about plant foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, is that they are typically lower in calories and more filling than other foods that come from an animal. This is especially true if you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Whole grains are typically low in calories and also very filling as well depending on their fiber content. A simple rule of thumb is this: the more processed the food, the higher the calories.

Another concept that is simple but not easy for many people to put into action is portion control. I was chatting with a friend of mine one day about the differences between American eating habits and those in his home country in Asia.  Continue reading

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Kathryn A. Allen, MA, RD, LD/N, CSO

Kathryn A. Allen, MA, RD, LD/N, CSO

Kathy is currently the Director of the Department of Nutrition, at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tamp[...]

Kathryn A. Allen


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